‘Beyond Einstein Theories’ explain the “7 Seals” of Bible/Revelation

There Are No Coin4c1idences788

There is synchronism, nonlocal cause-and-effect, design-and-alignment. Everything evolves by laws of nature, is (w)holē40 and mathematically interwoven. All things are related, some more closely than others. Everything that happens affects everything else. Every†hing has meaning in the Grand Scheme of GOD/FOD’s universes. Anytime an idea19* is connect59/74ed to nature, it’s not only logical59 – it was inevitable, i.e. sacred geometry, gematria74, the English774 language and base-10. In this biocentric/anthropocentric universe, we are not only “observers who affect the experiment”; we are participants and co-creators…   

The Big Bang (a supermassive white hole) ~13.8 billion years ago was the result of a supermassive black hole in another universe. Our universe & that SBH share the same event horizon. That SBH & SWH formed an Einstein-Rosen bridge (wormhole). This duality combines these two singularities in a birth-life-death-rebirth relationship within The Conglomerate of universes (multiverse). This ‘simple’ cause-and-effect explains both infinite space and eternity. Self-replication is the simplest plan for everything from a cell to a universe to a mind.   GOD-guided evolution includes panspermia, intelligent design58, complexity, apparent randomness (chaos theory), purpose, DNA/RNA, catastrophism, reincarnation & follow-the-leader (God-incarnate), and alien intervention.

  GOD=7_4  god=good=gooooooood=G-d=7_4, 7/4=July 4th or 7 April           

Simple674 English774 Gematria874 – the key74: A=1…Z=26

Royal Cubits74 = 7 palms × 4 fingers, Standard Cubits = 6p•4f = 17.76”   FIG=6/7   Jesus74 born 4/17/6 BC or 17/4/747 AUC, crucified 7/4/782

FOD=6_4  fod= food=fooooooood= F-d=6_4,  Genesis 6:4, Juan46 1:1 – Fod is the Founder/Creator of ‘Planet Nestor’: Rev 21:1                                            

Venus .7 AU & Mercury .4 AU, lunar phases 7.4 days, etc. Nestor’s inner planets at .6 & .4 AU, lunar phases 6.4 days, etc., hence F6od4 http://exep.jpl.nasa.gov/exep_exoMtgPosters.cfm   Identifying ‘True Earth-like Planets’ – All New Worlds Are Built On 7_4 (like Earth) Or 6_4

ligh† is not the fas†es† thing58 in The Conglomerate (ui) – †hough† is superluminal and defies strict linear †ime. Gamma rays, quasars, antimatter, negative energy, & helium 3 are not the most energetic things in the ui – thought is.

Y h w/ h64?     thought=h2c²     new thought=t²h2up

G7od4=†he33 1 Mind40=universal quantum computer=12t hi ui pi                      

(universes [u], infinite [i], hydrogen [h], speed of light [c], time [t], pain & pleasure [p])

Metonic cycle of 19 tropical years = 6,940 days = 235 synodic months = 254 sidereal months. Nutation: Moon’s 18.6 y cycle (US coastlines mapped every 18.6 y). Two58 eclipse seasons are 18.6 days shy of a year. Earth orbits Sun at 18.6 mps w/ an orbital dia. of 186,000,000 miles, speed of light=186,282 mps, solar flares take ~19 hrs to reach Earth. 19, King Tut died at 18-19. A black hole with one19 solar mass has a Scharzchild radius of 1.86 miles. Bhagvad7 Gita4 18:6, 18:62-3 (Mahabharata74). Hebrew cal.58’s 19 y, A1d4a1m13=19, Eve (Heb.)=19, S19 (Start, She, Serpent/Snake/Satan, Smart, Sex, Sin, Seven Seals). Jesus’ 18._ ‘lost years’, 12 male + 7 female disciples (12/7), Cana19, Mt 19:19, Josephus’ Jewish74 Antiquities 18.63 re: Y’shua74, Messiah74, & Christians. Knights Templar 1119 AD. ~18.6 years after Ben Franklin died – Abe Lincoln born (BF’s Anti-Slavery Bill 2/12/1790)^, Antietam 1862.71, 1863: slaves freed & “In God We Trust” added to US coins, Civil War won 7/4/1863 (1863.51, 18:63:51≈7:04pm), Lady4 Freedom7 placed atop Capitol7 Dome4. White House complex covers 18.5 acres or 7.4 hectares, 19 WH 18’6” Xmas Trees.  Albert58 Einstein in 1919: general relativity proven during eclipse, receives Kaluza’s 5 dimension theory, associates w/ Zion64ists. 1,863 y between destruction of Herod’s Temple & Hitler 1933. AI doubles capacity every 18._ months. DNA19, *idea19, egg19. 747s takeoff at ~186 mph, Space Shuttle Columbia’s cabin began disintegrating at 18.6 mach.  Flight 19 7:04pm^^, Flight 191 » 1 World Trade Center186 » 19 9/11 hijackers » “Over Hellfire are 19 angels” – Qur’an 74:30, Holy Qur’an encoded #19, Q 19:19. Golf’s R&A19 & 19th Hole. QB19. PC19. FL18/FLA19. 7/4=185th/186th day. 186 countries in IMF**. 19th Amendment. Baha’i’s 19 days. Sputnik ~185 lbs, Apollo 18 & Soyuz 19 docked. Adulthood: 18.5 years. 18-wheelers + spare. Moses & 19th Dynasty. Jah19. Do19. FM19. Dan19. Lg19. Cop19. Neo19.    ^t 9/1/09 22:50 Dow -186. ^^t 12/19/05 12:19 Chalk’s Seaplane crashes off Watson Island in Miami. Built in ’47, the plane was 58-y-o. 19 of 20 bodies found initial74ly. 1st passenger deaths since Chalk’s began in 1919. And19, King Tut Exhibit inFt.Laud. **5/14/11 18:16 IMF Head jailed.

       Unified String Theory: 3D rs + 7D hs + 7a rt + 4a ht = 21 dimensions/aspects of spacetime

    Nestor’s u21s19 theory: 3D rs + 6D hs + 6a rt + 4a ht = 19D/a st (incomplete, yet engineerable + ‘separability’)

(dimensions [D], regular space [rs], hyperspace [hs], aspects [a], regular time [rt], hypertime [ht])


E=mc²      Conglomeratal Energy74 eternal = light² × mass of infinite universes      CEe=God=2 Christmases     God=CEe=mass × infinite Christs

CEe = 5mass ×/+ 8time = 40/13masstime       God=40/13mt

Conglomeratal Energies eternal = infinite universes × 10 senses × 6 mass × 9 time

godse = 6m ui 10s 9t

Reincarna†ion †heory & its 21 Principles includes 10 ways to track a soul + scientific laws including energy, information, & consciousness can’t be destroyed, only transferred. Life (like all matter & energy) is both waves & particles. Natural selection/“survival of the fittest” assures that human souls that help the global system will return as human.

Luck 100 = karma 4 + modesty 1 × [desire 4 + actions 4 + ability 4 + contribution 4 + blessings 4]     

FDR → Barack Obama, George Washington → Robert E. Lee → Eisenhower, Marilyn Monroe → Janet Jackson58, Ben Franklin → Lincoln → Einstein →

– Richard ‘Brad’shaw Wason II

“You are to contemplate the intellectual faculties and to trace them in their development through the paths of nature and science58 even to the throne of G7od4 Himself.”

Masonic774 oath444

t 1/9/10 Eureka quake after writing: 1/20/09 Obama’s oath botched  t 12/21/10 lunar eclipse & solstice  t 3/23/11 Jerusalem  t 4/27 tornadoes  t 5/25 Oprah t 5/29 Indy

5/29/11 9:51 This page was tweaked with “laws of nature” which for several reasons works better including being a quote from the Preamble to the Declaration of Independence. I attended the Cathedral of St. Mary this morning and distributed the “7 seals”/theories to the Bishop, Monsignor, priests, and others. 7/15/11 09:27 tweaked.


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