Donald Trump 666 (when A=49, B50…) is the current Antichrist

Donald Trump = six hundred sixty-six when using the Evil=48 Code of A=49, B50, C51…Z74.

D52+O63+N62+A49+L60+D52 + T68+R66+U69+M61+P64 = 666​

“Numbers don’t lie”, but Trump is a compulsive/pathological liar. He’s the current Antichrist: his actions are the opposite of the Christ.

Herod was eventually reincarnated as Napoleon who returned as Mussolini (d 4.28.45) who was reincarnated as Trump (b 6.14.46).

Ronald(6 letters) Wilson(6) Reagan(6) was the “666 1st Beast”/Antichrist who was the “great deceiver, battled the Archangel Michael (Mikhail Gorbachev), the beast coming out of the sea (Reagan portrayed the submarine commander in the movie ‘Hellcats of the Navy’ [from the book ‘Hellcats of the Sea’]), 7 heads (G7 heads-of-state), ruler of the world, lied to all nations, and was wounded yet lived.” – Revelation Ch 12-13

Nero the actor was eventually reincarnated as John Wilkes Booth who returned as Reagan.

dragon = …d Ragon
iron (rod) = I Ron​

George Walker Bush (Jr.) was the “2nd Beast”/Antichrist who “exercised all the authority of the 1st Beast and made fire come down from the heavens insight of everyone” with the “destruction of Babylon (Iraq War)”. Adolf Hitler (d 4.30.45) was reincarnated as George Bush Jr. (b 7.6.46).

Pope Benedict XVI was the “False Prophet”.

The good news (gospel) is that this means the Christ has returned and produced the “book/scroll sealed with 7 seals” – Revelation 5:1; see .


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